The 5 Products I’d Use for A Quick and Easy Full Face of Makeup

Someone suggested I write a post about what I would use for a full face if I could only choose 5 products, and I loved that idea (thank you!!). These are the 5 products I would use to do a super quick “I have a video call starting in 5 minutes that I need to get ready for” look. I have dry skin and prefer a dewy look, so you’ll see lots of cream products and no powder. If you’d like me to do this again but focusing more on something much more sweatproof/long wearing, let me know in the comments below! And if you enjoy reading, subscribe here or follow me @liftbakelove on Instagram for updates!

Glossier Stretch Concealer – My favorite way to use this concealer is all over like a foundation, so it would absolutely be my pick to use as both a foundation/concealer. This is one of the best ways to do a full face fast since you can dot it all over your face, blend, and be done. The Stretch Concealer is my go to for this because it looks incredibly skin like, lasts all day, and provides just the right amount of coverage for me (which is light). I find the light coverage makes it blend seamlessly and wear well even without powder since it’s harder to tell where it’s worn off than with a fuller coverage product. It also feels very light weight, and everything I put on top of it looks great.

Glossier Boy Brow – My eyebrows are super thick and unruly and require a brow gel (at minimum) to look okay, so there’s no way I would skip a brow product. My choice would be Boy Brow because it deposits color (but not too much), defines the brow hairs, and has great staying power without being crunchy.

Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate cream bronzer and highlight duo in Shade 0.5

Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate duo – This might be cheating since this is a duo, but it was one of the first things that came to mind for this. I would use it as a bronzer, highlighter, and eyeshadow. The formula is a little sheer which makes it super easy to just throw on without having to be super precise, and it blends into the skin incredibly seamlessly. The bronzer shade is neutral enough to be used as more of a “brontour,” which makes it a great shade for a one and done eyeshadow look too. I normally always use an eyeshadow primer, but I found that I could use my finger to apply this to my eyes without a primer, and it worked great. Because it’s a cream product, it’ll definitely crease a bit especially without a primer, but I’m totally okay with that for this kind of look.

From left to right: blackberry, raspberry, coral, peach – brighter shades I think would be perfect for this kind of look!

Salt New York Crème Tint Pro – Because the crème tint pro functions as both a lip and a cheek product, they make for a super easy monocrhomatic look. I’ve written about these many times because they are one of my favorite cream products. I own all of the shades they make, and I love that any of them would look great paired with the Tom Ford duo. You can also use them on the eyes if you don’t mind creasing similar to the Tom Ford, and I would totally do that if I wanted to pull the look together even more. This is a great formula for a “I’m running late and need something easy” look – they blend out quickly with a brush, sponge, or fingers and never look patchy.

Thrive Causemetics Liquid Lash Extensions Mascara – Something always looks a bit off until I finish a look with mascara, so I knew it would have to be one of my 5 products. The only mascara I’ve been using for awhile is this one so it was an easy choice. It makes my lashes look amazing, doesn’t smudge, and actually holds a curl. As always when I mention this mascara, if there’s a tubing mascara you love and think I should try, definitely let me know in the comments!

If I could choose a 6th product, it would be the Cover FX Dewy Finish Setting Spray. There’s a lot of cream products in this list and no setting powder, and I think adding the setting spray would go a long way for longevity. This spray in particular is my HG setting spray that I’ve been using for years and love. It’s alcohol-free, it really does add dewiness which I can never get enough of, and it’s so much less drying than other setting sprays I’ve tried. It would be a great finishing touch for this almost full face of cream products.

What would your 5 products be? Let me know down in the comments below!

My Favorite One and Done Single Shadows

My favorite eye look to do right now is one shadow all over the lid. It’s super quick and easy, but with the right shades, can still be complex and impactful. These are my favorite six products to use for a one and done look! To easily compare, swatches of all 6 are in the middle of this post if you’d like to jump straight there.

I’ve written about how much I love the Vesca Moonlit Dream Cream Eyeshadows, especially the shade Lyra. This formula is still the easiest cream shadow I’ve ever worked with. They stay blendable for long enough to get your look just right, and then they dry down and don’t crease all day. I’m also still in love with the packaging – it’s super easy to only get what you need, and I don’t have to worry about them drying out. The color Lyra is described as a champagne rose with an iridescent reflect, and it’s the perfect coppery, rose, shiny, glittery, works for day and night color for me.

I just mentioned this Bodyography Glitter Pigments in my April favorites, but it’s quickly risen to the near top of my favorite shadows list. Off the Hook has been my favorite. It’s a beautiful taupe/bronze color that makes it perfect as a one and done shadow, especially when I’m looking for something more neutral than Vesca’s Lyra and with way more glitter impact. Their site says that these are a unique formula that incorporates “the saturation of a loose pigment, the cushion of a cream, and the silkiness of a powder”, and that describes it better than I could. I can throw them on with a brush or finger create a lot of impact and dimension quickly with one shade. They stay all day even with a regular eyeshadow primer, but they work great with a glitter primer too.

I’m a big fan of glittery/shimmery eyeshadows, but sometimes I just want something that’s a super easy matte look. I always rely on the Mac Pro Longwear Paint Pot Eyeshadow in Groundwork for that. It’s a neutral taupe that goes with any blush and lip color I’ve chosen. The formula is incredibly easy to work with and doesn’t require a primer because these are a hybrid primer shadow. It doesn’t crease and stays all day without fading. I know this formula and shade has a lot of hype around it, but it’s my only matte cream shadow for a reason – it’s really the best.

When I want something warmer and brighter, I always reach for the Laura Mercier Caviar Stick in Rose Gold. I’m not a huge fan of eyeshadow sticks because they tend to dry out on me and become hard to apply and blend. I’ve never had that issue with any of the caviar sticks I have, and the rose gold one in particular has continued to be reliable for much longer than I expected. Like the rest of the shadows on this list, it’s super easy to blend and stays all day. I particularly like this one for travel since it’s compact and I can swipe it on, quickly blend with my finger, and then I’m good to go.

From left to right: Vesca, Bodyography, Mac, Laura Mercier, Hourglass, Chantecaille

When I want a one and done with even more glitter than the Bodyography, the Hourglass Scattered Light shadows are my go-to choice. The shade reflect is a beautiful pink leaning champagne. I love using this when I want a fun look with one shadow, something impactful for a night out (remember those?), or used sheerly as a topper. The only issue I have with these that I don’t find with any of the others is that I sometimes experience fall out, so I recommend using a glitter primer if you have one.

I put this one last because even though I love it, I can’t seriously recommend it because it’s so expensive. Especially with all the other amazing options on the market, you don’t have to ever spend $52 on a single eyeshadow. That said, the Chantecaille Luminescent Eye Shadow is truly special, and I am so happy I have it in my collection. I have the shade Cheetah, which is a beautiful warm champagne. It has just the right amount of gold for me, and I find that it manages to bring complexity even though it’s quite light. I love how much impact this creates so quickly, and I continue to have to convince myself not to get another one.

What round up would you like to see next? I’d love to know, so leave it in the comments!

January 2021 Favorites

The theme of this month (like most of 2020) was “I’m tired and don’t want to do anything but still want to look awake at work.” It was dark and rainy outside, too much news reading happening, and I didn’t have the patience for anything that wasn’t easy.

I fell in love with two new skincare products from Allies of Skin, which also makes my favorite retinol product. The first is their Molecular Silk Amino Hydrating Cleanser – the first cleanser I’ve ever used that doesn’t require putting on moisturizer immediately afterwards. It creates such a luxurious cleansing experience, like you are cleaning your skin with silk. And while it really does clean, it also leaves your skin feeling hydrated. I have a lot of cleansers I love, but I think this may be my new all time favorite.

The second is their Molecular Saviour Probiotics Repair Mist. While my all-time favorite mist continues to be the Josh Rosebrook Hydrating Accelerator, this one is amazing for helping prevent any mask-ne and to use inn the morning as an extra glow-booster (along with all the other glow-boosting products I use). I also love the packaging and mister, whereas I’ve actually depotted the Hydrating Accelerator into another bottle. I know this, and all Allies of Skin products, are very pricey, but I have found all the ones I’ve tried to be incredibly effective. They also almost always have a sale, including right now!

I know I just mentioned this in my 2020 Makeup Favorites post but the Glossier Future Dew continues to be one of my favorite products. It’s one of the only things I consistently use every day in my makeup routine, and it works beautifully with any foundation, concealer, and powder combo I put on top of it. It continues to be the most amazing glossy, hydrating base that makes me look like I drank enough water (and if you know me, you know I have never had enough water).

I also mentioned the Westman Atelier Face Trace Contour Stick in my 2020 Makeup Favorites, but it really is a favorite. When I was short on time and just needed to add some color to my face without needing to do a lot of work or blending, this was my go to. I own many cream bronzer products, and I kept falling back on this one as my “I just don’t want to think about it” product. I stand by what I said in my 2020 favorites post: If I had to start my collection over, this would definitely be one of the first things I replace.

I had not planned on buying the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit – Sculpture Unlocked palette, especially because it is $58, and we all know I don’t really use powder products or need any more of them. Then, I saw it on sale for $35 and decided to grab it, and I honestly have no regrets. It’s so quick and easy because the powders are so finely milled and blend so seamlessly into my skin (see swatches below). I can do a full face is about a minute, which has been fantastic. If you don’t need a full palette (or can’t find a version for your skin tone which is likely because Hourglass really needs to do a better job at making sure these work for all skin tones), I would recommend getting a mini version of the product you want. They make minis of most of their powder products, and they last forever.

Swatches from top to bottom of the highlighter, blush, bronzer, and finishing powder in natural light.

What was your favorite product this month? What would you like to see next on LiftBakeLove? Let me know in the comments below!