Pack With Me – What I Brought With Me For An Over A Week Trip

I recently visited family for over a week, and this is everything I brought! It actually all fit into a very small travel bag, so even though it looks like a lot, it didn’t feel like too much to me. That said, I do talk about which ones I wouldn’t have brought below because this is clearly overdoing it on eyeshadow, blush, and lip products. Thank you so much for being here, and it would mean so much to me if you subscribe here or on Instagram @liftbakelove for new posts.

Roen 75° Warm Quad – If I could pack this again, I would have only brought the 11:11 quad, but I threw this one in just in case because I love these palettes so much. I really love the Roen formula because it’s so versatile – with a finger, the shades go on incredibly pigmented and intense, but with a brush, you can create a very sophisticated wash of color. I totally could have gotten away with just one eyeshadow brush and gotten so many incredible looks with this range of shades, particularly with how many great one-and-done shades there are. I also love that these are so quick and easy to use and last all day which is super important to me when I’m travelling. 

Roen 11:11 Quad – This is my favorite Roen quad of the three that I own, and it’s definitely my most used. Each shade is a perfect one-and-done on it’s own, and they are so easy and quick to use. The shade swatched farthest to the right below is my go to for adding a high impact sparkle to any eye look, whether it’s on top of the other shades in the 11:11 palette or any other eyeshadow I’ve used. It just seems to finish off any look, particularly in a world where I want people to see my eyes through a screen. They last all day on me with an eyeshadow primer, and I don’t have any issues with flaking or fall out. I definitely used this one way more than the other quad.

Glow-All Super Powder Face Palette – I really struggle with powder products because they tend to stamp on vs deposit color and blend out so it’s super easy for me to overdo. I don’t have that issue with this palette at all. The formula is so easy to work with and you don’t have to think about what you’re doing because it’s so hard to overdo it. The formula is also incredibly creamy and blurring as you can hopefully see in the swatches below. I’m so happy to have this for travel and for quick and easy looks at home. I brought it with me when we visited family for Thanksgiving, and it was great to have everything in one palette, including such different blush colors., which makes it great for travel. You can still get a pretty big brush in the pans, which I really appreciate.

Highlighter, Bronzer, and Blushes from the face palette

In my Salt New York palette I had:
Salt New York Sculpt + Bronze Crème Tint Pro in Light/Medium –It blends out incredibly easily and seamlessly, feels like nothing on the skin, and looks so natural on me. It’s my favorite formula for when I need a “I’m running late and need something easy” look, which is every day right now. It blends out so quickly with a brush, sponge, or fingers and never looks patchy which is great when I’m behind on washing my brushes. This honestly might end up being the first cream color cosmetic product I hit pan on ever, and I wouldn’t be surprised.

Salt New York Crème Tint Pro Highlighter in Beige – I’ve written about my love for Salt New York’s products so many times, and it’s because it continues to be one of my favorite cream formulas that I go back to over and over again. All the Crème Tint Pros I have (and I have 21) blend out incredibly easily and seamlessly, are super lightweight, and look so at home on my skin. This is my favorite formula for when I need a “I’m running late and need something easy” look – they blend out so quickly with a brush, sponge, or fingers and never look patchy. My favorite though of all of them, if I really had to choose, would be beige. It’s just my perfect, my skin but better highlight, and it always looks absolutely amazing.

Salt New York bronzer in Light/Medium, highlighter in Beige

Kjaer Weis Blush in Blossoming – This formula has the perfect balance between blendable and long-wearing. It’s so easy to work with, create impact, and stays all day. The first time I used one of these, I was shocked to find that it was still on my cheeks after wearing makeup for over 15 hours. I love that I can just buy a refill without the extra packaging and put it in my Salt New York empty palette, and that it’s still around $30 even for a luxury product. I’ve been loving the shade Blossoming, and I think it could be my one and only blush super easily with how flattering it is for me. It’s a beautiful rosy, warm pink that is a great match with the pink and brown looks I tend to gravitate towards.

Salt New York Crème Tint Pro in Tangerine – This was part of a limited edition duo they launched for spring in 2021, and I’m so happy I grabbed it. I love using Tangerine to warm a look up when something doesn’t quite look right. I can use this to easily put together a monochromatic orange, bronzy look or adjust my blush to match my eyeshadow or lip color better. Like all Salt New York products, it’s buildable, dewy without shimmer, and super easy to blend.

Viseart Petite Pro 4 – I got this during a sale at the end of 2019, and I still reach for it all the time even with all the other eyeshadows I own now. I’m so happy I decided to get it and that I have it in my collection. It’s the perfect mix of neutrals, and I’ve loved how small and compact this is for travel so I can easily throw it into my bag and get a ton of variety. Like all Viseart shadows, these blend seamlessly with little fallout and aren’t overly glittery, so I can put together a look for work super quickly too. I love using the mattes to blend out another look that might need it, so it’s a great pairing for the Roen quads.

Laura Mercier Caviar Stick in Rose Gold – Like the Roen quad, I wouldn’t bring this if I could do it again because I just didn’t reach for it over all the other eyeshadow I brought. That said, I brought this because it’s just so easy to use. It’s super easy to blend and stays all day. Since it’s so small, it’s not a huge deal to have it in my beauty bag, and I pretty much always tend to add it just in case since it’s compact and I can swipe it on and quickly blend with my finger.

Thrive Causemetics Liquid Lash Extensions Mascara in Brynn – No surprises here – this is my go to mascara. It makes my lashes look amazing, doesn’t smudge, and actually holds a curl. The best part is that it washes off so easily and quickly so I don’t have to bring a separate makeup remover for my mascara (which I need with some of my other ones).

Rephr Lash Curler – I’ve tired so many lash curlers over this years, but this one is by far my favorite. It feels my eye shape really well without pinching. It gets all of my lashes including the corners and my lashes actually curl. Right now, you can buy this for $17, and it’s so worth it especially at that price.

Tower 28 SunnyDays SPF 30 Tinted Sunscreen Foundation in Melrose – I honestly think this might be my favorite foundation of all time. The formula is so incredibly smoothing and glowy. It makes my skin look both perfected and hydrated while feeling super comfortable on the skin. I can put it on with a brush, sponge, or fingers, and it looks great. The wear time is amazing considering how lightweight it is, and it absolutely wears in instead of off. It’s super easy to apply with my hands, which is one of the reasons I love using it when I travel.

Ulta Under Eye Brightener – I have super dark undereye and can’t get away without a corrector, and I’m so happy to have discovered this one. It’s about $10 and a very effective dupe of my beloved Becca Under Eye Brightening Corrector. Just like the Becca one, this corrector works so well for correcting my super dark circles and helps hydrate my super dry under eyes for whatever concealer goes on top without any heaviness. It blends like a dream and the color is perfect for me. And it’s in stick form which is so much easier to use than the pot, especially when traveling!

Ilia True Skin Serum Concealer in Arrowroot – I have been loving this concealer ever since I got it. It has a very hydrating feel and finish without being too glossy or dewy. It’s light to medium coverage which matches with the coverage level I prefer for my foundations.  Despite being so hydrating, it’s long-wearing and non-creasing throughout the day. It’s also incredibly blendable and easy to work with. I can use it under my eyes, for spot concealing, or all over as a light coverage foundation, which makes it a great option to have in my travel bag.

Glossier Future Dew – This continues to be one of my favorite products, and is one of the only things I consistently use every day in my makeup routine. It provides such an amazing glossy, hydrating base that makes me look like I drank enough water (and if you know me, you know I have never had enough water). It works beautifully with any foundation, concealer, and powder combo I put on top of it and makes them look way better on my skin – no dry patches, no clinging, no flatness. 

Cover FX Dewy Finish Setting Spray – Honestly, this isn’t my favorite anymore, but I have this mini, and I’d love to finish it. It’s still a great option for keeping my makeup looking great all day without drying out my skin. It’s alcohol-free and doesn’t dry out my skin. Mostly, I brought this one because it’s in such a small container. Similarly, the Cover FX mini powder I have is a totally fine powder, and it’s just the one I bring because I have it and it’s so small.  

Rose Inc Brow Renew in Clear – I have giant, thick brows that look overdone super quickly, and I honestly didn’t realize how much a clear brow gel could make them look put together and “done” without overwhelming my face. It doesn’t feel crunchy or sticky but has great staying power like the rest of these products. Because of my big brows, the applicator is also perfect for me vs the usual tiny brow applicators. It makes applying this so fast and easy to get my brows into shape, and this travel size is perfect for not taking up too much space.

Benefit Precisely, My Brow Pencil – Because of a sparse area I have in one of my brows, I never skip this step, so I had to include both this and a brow gel in my travel bag. I love this pencil because it goes on so quickly and naturally and the size makes it perfect to fill areas in fast but not overdo it. And unlike other pencils, it stays all day, so I don’t end up with a hole in my brow by the end of the day.

Fitglow Beauty Lip Colour Serums in Halo, Dahlia, Juice, and Nudie – I know I write about these all the time, but it’s because I truly love them, and I’m so happy I have so many of them. I use them almost every day and couldn’t choose just one to bring with me. The formula is incredibly nourishing, thick, hydrating, and long-lasting, and I just reach for them so often especially because they work so well as toppers for more matte lipsticks or lip liners. I brought four of the minis I have to give me as much variety as I would want without taking up barely any space. This gave me an amazing range of colors and brightness levels to choose from.

Fitglow Beauty Lip Colour Serums in Halo, Dahlia, Juice, and Nudie

Fitglow Beauty Lip Night Serum – This formula is incredibly nourishing, thick, hydrating, and long-lasting, which makes it perfect for my only lip balm or clear lip gloss I bring. It’s honestly the best nighttime lip treatment I’ve ever tried, and I wake up consistently to hydrated and nourished lips, which I’ve never had happen in the winter before using this product. I now always have one of these with me wherever I go.

Glossier Ultralip in Villa and Trench – The Ultralips are a pretty pigmented tinted lip balm that has a touch more glossiness than your average balm. I love how moisturizing it is and how long lasting it is (for a lip balm texture). You can also build up the color without anything weird happening like pilling or patching. Villa is such an at home shade for me that makes it super easy to throw on, and Trench is such a great browny nude for me that has enough yellow to balance out all the pink in my lips. If I had to pack again, I’d probably just bring the Fitglow Lip Serums but I do really love these too.

Glossier Ultralip in Villa and Trench

Futurelipstick Luxe Shine in Nothing Nude– This formula is really high shine and super smoothing, and I find myself reaching for it so much more than my other lipsticks. It’s surprisingly nourishing and hydrating for such a pigmented lipstick – it has the finish of a lipstick and the formula of a hydrating lip balm. I have the shade Nothing Nude which is a cool rosy brown. This is one of my go-tos, and it’s so small, I figured I would bring it. I definitely didn’t need all these lip products but I ended up wearing this one quite often.

Futurelipstick Luxe Shine in Nothing Nude

Make Up For Ever Artist Color Pencil in Wherever Walnut – I actually have so many different lip liners, and this is still the only one I use when I’m traveling. The formula is creamy without being slippery and helps define my lips without drying them out. I particularly like this color because it adds depth to my lighter colors and helps retain the shape for darker colors. It’s super neutral and so it doesn’t conflict with almost any look I want to do, which makes it great if I only want to bring one. This mini is also tiny, so it doesn’t take up really any space.

MAC Glow Play Blush in Totally Synced– This formula has been my go-to for finishing off my cheek looks because it has a really incredible blurring quality that really pulls together any look I’ve done. Because the texture feels like a cross between a powder and a cream, it adds a slight sheen like a cream and has great lasting power like a powder. I own 5 of these, but I brought Totally Synced, which is a pastel lilac shade. I find that it really helps balance a too-warm look or a too-dark look. I probably didn’t need to bring this given the other blushes, but I find having a bright cool shade like this really helpful.

MAC Glow Play Blush in Totally Synced

What are your go-tos while traveling? Do you also end up bringing too much but because it fits into a small bag it feels okay? Let me know in the comments below! Let me know if there’s anything else you’d like to see here on LiftBakeLove, and thanks for reading! As always, some links may be affiliate links that support the blog, but all reviews/opinions are completely my own and unsponsored.

My Favorite Travel Containers for Beauty Products

I’m so excited that we’re able to travel again! If you’re a frequent reader, you likely already know that I recently spent a month on the East Coast. I wanted to make sure I could bring my staples and have never found containers I actually liked until now: Cadence Capsules. As usual, this is not sponsored, I bought these with my own money (although the company did send me a few extra custom labels – thank you!), and everything in this review in my unbiased opinion.

I feel like I’ve tried a dozen different travel container brands/types, and they all have been really frustrated. My number one issue is leaking – there’s always that one thing that leaks all over your suitcase or purse. I’ve started putting containers in plastic bags (sometimes double bagged) because they leak so much, and that feels so incredibly wasteful to me. I’ve also had containers that never seem to get clean enough to reuse, so I end up throwing them away rather than use them again. Plus, some of them are way too small and definitely wouldn’t fit enough for a month long trip.

That’s why I was so excited to stumble upon Cadence (yes, the Instagram ads got me)! These honestly don’t leak – ever. I’m able to throw them in a bag and not have to worry about anything leaking or spilling. Even with the most watery toner, it was 100% leak-proof. I also love that they magnetize together so I’ll never lose them in the bottom of a suitcase. These hold half an ounce, which is about the amount of foundation I use over 6 months, and they still manage to take up so little space. Because they have such a wide opening (more in the video below), these are incredibly easy to fill with products, and you don’t need a funnel, mini spatula, or spoon to do it. I’m actually still going through some of the moisturizer and foundation I brought because they hold so much, but the ones I did finish up, I’ve already cleaned, and they look brand new again. This is my favorite thing about these because I hate cleaning out those little plastic containers where you can barely get into them unless you want to spend forever with one of those straw cleaners. With these, I can wash them with a normal sponge, it takes a couple of minutes, and they are actually clean.

Because of how streamlined the design is, these are super easy to fill and clean.

Before travelling with them, I use them to use up foil samples that I get. For example, I love emptying out shampoo and conditioner samples so I can get multiple uses out of them and really try out the product. When it’s empty, these are super easy to clean and reuse. And now, with my extra labels, I can easily switch them out so I always know what kind of product is in the capsule without having to use tape or stickers.

I love how easy it is to switch out the labels!

You can get 6 capsules (including choosing your own colors and labels for each capsule) for $70 plus free shipping. I know this sounds like a lot, but I know I will end up saving a ton having to continually buy new containers that break or leak or are impossible to clean. As I mentioned, I’ve been using mine since I got them in 2020, and they’ve held up amazingly well, so I think these are totally worth the investment!

What’s your favorite thing to have when you travel? Thanks for reading, and let me know what you’d like to see next in the comments!

July Beauty Favorites

The theme of this month is “I’m tired and don’t want to do anything, but still want to look awake at work.” It’s full of super quick and easy to use products or tools that make my other products easier to slap on. And first up, a product that creates a self-care moment every time a shower – so needed right now.

My favorite recent find has to be the Nécessaire The Body Wash. I love the eucalyptus for when I need a mood boost (like a morning shower or a “it’s too hot to function, and I need to cool down” shower), and sandalwood is great for creating a sense of calm before I head to bed. I love the packaging, and the formula perfect for my dry skin – clean, but not stripping, and my skin feels moisturized without even needing lotion. I very much understand all the hype and think it is well deserved!

My go to combination for my face has been the Glossier Skin Tint and By Terry CC Serum. I really just need something quick and easy to slap on that will make me look alive on video calls, and this is the perfect combo for that. They mix together so well and add just enough coverage to even out my skin and add some warmth. I’ve also worn the By Terry serum alone, mixed with moisturizer, and mixed with primer, and it adds the perfect glow and slight amount of color any way I use it. I’ve also used it as a liquid bronzer, and it works great for that too. I’ve definitely fallen in love with both of these products this summer!

I’ve gushed about Salt New York’s cream products before, but I’m so excited about my new blushes and their new mini palette. It’s so fun to play with these to create whatever color I want. I also have their rose blush in another palette, and I love using these brighter colors to make that shade warmer, cooler, or more vibrant. If anyone is interested, I do have a reward link you can use to get $5 off, but am 100% not affiliated with or sponsored by Salt New York (although, I totally would if they asked because this is one of my all time favorite brands).

From left to right: blackberry, raspberry, coral, peach

Anyone knows me knows I’m obsessed with Sonia G brushes, and when she restocked a couple of the ones I was missing, I had to get them. The Worker Two and Worker Three are the perfect brushes for blending out cream shadows and creating one-shadow looks, which is about all I have the energy for at the moment. I honestly didn’t realize how much I would love these until I got them, but I’m so glad I picked them up.

Allana Davison said that the Smith 157 was the perfect brush for blending out cream bronzer (which is pretty much I’m all using these days), and she was so right. This is also the perfect size and shape for blending out contour and highlighter. I am very tempted to get a second, but I think everyone else fell in love with it too because it’s sold out everywhere at the moment.

Along with all the other products this month that are for “need something quick to make me look alive”, the Em Cosmetics Lip Cushion in Magic Hour is so easy to swipe on and completely brightens up my face. It’s also super moisturizing and hands down the best tinted lip balm I’ve ever tried. I love keeping it on my desk to have it handy at all times, and if we had anywhere to go, this would 100% be my purse lip product.

What have you been loving this month? What do you want to see more of here on LiftBakeLove? Let me know down below!


I’m super excited to share my February 2020 favorites! These are 5 things that I either discovered or rediscovered in January that stood out as favorites.

I missed the original launch of the Sonia G. Sky Eye Brush Set and made sure to pre-order when they finally came back, and I’m so happy I did. These are the best eye brushes I’ve ever used, and I have some pretty amazing brushes already. Every eye look I’ve made with them has been perfect, regardless of which eyeshadow formula I’ve used. My eye look have never looked this blended, and I can finally do shadow liner with the mini booster or the flat definer. These are incredibly versatile and high quality, and I cannot recommend these enough.

I learned a great trick from Cate the Great Beauty on YouTube to make the most out of my hyaluronic acid serums. I felt like my The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid wasn’t really doing anything until I started putting it on while my skin was still wet in the shower – total game changer. My skin feels way less dry and the serum is a great base for all my other nighttime skincare. I feel like everything absorbs better on top. I’m going to try this tip with the Good Molecules one when I run out of the The Ordinary version, and I’ll report back if it works just as well!

I traveled in February, and the only color cosmetics I brought were my Salt New York Crème Tint Pros. This is my favorite cream formula, and I love how quickly I can do a natural “my face but better” look with them. They blend out super easily, are super lightweight, and are the perfect shades for me. The highlighter shade in the top right, warm tan, is also one of my favorite eye shadows to use if I want to do something super quick. They just had a presale that ended and will be opening the store back up soon.

As much as I love my Salt New York cream blushes, I discovered a new favorite blush this month. I got the new Mac Glow Play Blush in Grand, and it’s incredible. It brightens up my whole face and blends so easily. The texture is like a cross between a powder and a cream, so it looks super lifelike with a slight sheen like a cream and has great lasting power like a powder. I’m trying so hard to resist buying more colors because the formula is probably the best blush I’ve ever tried.

A skincare discovery this month, also inspired by Cate the Great Beauty, was the Glow Recipe Pineapple-C Brightening Serum. It’s one of the only Vitamin-C serums my skin can tolerate, and it really brightens my skin in the morning. I mix it with my moisturizer before sunscreen, and I think it has really helped keep my skin hydrated and smooth during the day under makeup.

I hauled quite a bit for my birthday so you’ll be seeing some new discoveries next month. There are already some things I can tell are going to earn a spot in my every day routine. I’m also always here to help you find your next favorite things, so let me know in the comments if there’s anything you want me to test out!