Stronger By The Day Workout Program Review – 90 days in

Stronger By The Day is a 4 day a week workout program created by MegSquats that is focused on strength and powerlifting movements. It’s $/8 a month and includes an extra workout day, warms up, and access to a Facebook group where you can ask questions and find info from other lifters running the program.

I wanted to give my review now that I’ve been running this program for over 3 months. Some important information up front before I go through my progress and the pros/cons of the program:

  • I’ve been lifting since high school and have been training to compete as a powerlifter in the past.
  • I had a very severe back injury in October 2018 that I spent a year rehabbing and this workout program was my re-entry into powerlifting training.
  • I won a giveway for a free year of this program, but all opinions are my own, not sponsored, and I am trying my best to look at this from the perspective of paying $8/month.

Most importantly for me, this program was exactly what I needed to quickly regain my strength after my injury. These are in pounds and aren’t anywhere near my maxes pre-injury, but for only 3 months, I’m incredibly excited about this progress.

Day 1Day 90
And look at these arm gains! This wasn’t even an arm day.

I am confident that with another 3 months before my next competition, I can get my total back to where it was or even higher. Other things I love about this program:

  • There’s a ton of variety week to week and block to block. I never get bored with the workouts.
  • There’s so many substitutions offered for the different movements so if I shouldn’t do something because of my back injury or it’s not available at the gym, it’s super easy to still get the workout done.
  • Beyond the strength gains, I can definitely see a change in my body composition which I’m super exited about.
  • There are multiple exercises included that were given to me from my PT for my back injury (deadbugs, bird dogs, clamshells, etc.), and I’m so thankful that this workout keeps me on track to keep doing them.
  • $8/month is way less than what I was paying for previous programs, and I definitely think it’s worth the price.

Things I don’t love so much:

  • The program is hosted on a website, so I have to copy over everything into the Strong app to track. Since it’s different every week, I need to reenter the workouts every time, which can get frustrating.
  • I don’t always feel like I get to make progress on the accessories because I’m learning new movements instead.
  • There isn’t a good way to transition to a peak for a competition like there was with JTS AI (my last program), so I might need to find an alternative. I believe they’re working on this though!

Did following this program make me happier? Definitely! I love that it’s kept me going 4 times a week every week, and it’s something I look forward to. I highly recommend this program if you’re looking for strength gains and generally getting more jacked!