Did buying succulents make me happier?

To start off these weekly experiments of trying one new thing to see if it can improve my life, I decided to do something that was fairly inexpensive, easy, and something I’ve read a lot about lately. I’ve been seeing articles for months about how making your life greener will ultimately make you happier. You should spend more time vacationing in nature, cover your living space and office with plants, and go for walks as much as possible. My favorite podcast even did an episode about the book The Nature Fix, which essentially promises that everything in your life can be fixed with more nature.

But what about those of us who have no idea how to take care of plants, live in an area with little sun, and have a small apartment with no balcony? The recommendation: get succulents.

I wasn’t sure whether succulents would be a replacement for long walks outside or a vacation to a National Park, but we went to a plant store and got 6 adorable succulents potted to sit on our windowsill. Now that we’ve had them for the week, I know they won’t replace actually being in nature. I don’t get the same burst of joy and energy from them as I do from a weekend of hiking and no cell service. But they do make me happier. Every time I look at them, I feel a little calmer. I feel like I did something nice for myself and for our space. It was a small investment for an item that really does spark joy every single day.

My verdict: Yes, succulents can make us happier!

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