2020 lifestyle favorites

These are the things I discovered in 2020 that made my life better – whether it was for working out, sleeping better, eating better, or enjoying my time more at home. Let me know if there’s anything you want me to test out in the comments – I’m always excited to try new things!

I cannot gush enough about The Team Plans bands, workout plans, and YouTube videos. Ever since the gyms closed, I’ve been really struggling with my fitness because I’d spent so long prepping for powerlifting meets and trying to get my maxes up. It’s been amazing to have a work outs that are fun, fast (like 20-30 minutes 3x a week fast), and really work. I am getting stronger again and love that I’m just just strong – I’m more flexible, mobile, agile, faster, and tons more. I love Abby’s approach to fitness and finally feel like an athlete again!

I am obsessed with the newly launched Buff Chick Supplements – this pre-workout works so well with no caffeine, and it tastes great! I already bought 3 backups because I can’t imagine a workout without Buff Pump. The extra power and stamina I get is unmatched. I also have their creatine and love how easily it mixes into drinks without making anything taste weird. I can’t wait to see what Buff Chick comes out with in 2021

I also discovered lots of new activewear companies thanks to HopeScope, my favorite activewear review channel. Here are my favs from Buffbunny Collection, Colorfulkoala (amazing dupes for Lululemon Aligns), CRZ Yoga (great dupes for Lululemon Fast & Frees), Lorna Jane, and Bombshell Sportswear. I love that they are all super practical and effective activewear pieces (and squat proof!) while also being really pretty and cute clothes that I would be happy to wear out. This year also proved to me that great leggings can be super affordable and high quality!

This is a selection of the activewear I got in 2020 because it didn’t all fit on the table but I am loving all of it!

The Slip Pure Silk sleep mask and Brooklinen silk pillowcases have been life changing for my sleep – I have slept way better since I invested in these and wake up with no lines on my face and silky smooth, tangle-free hair. I was able to get both of these on sale (which is great, because they are an investment!), but I would gladly pay full price for these because they improve my sleep so much.

I was gifted two of these Levoit Humidifiers (thank you, mom!), and I am so happy we have them. It has gotten so dry this winter and having humidifiers running makes a world of difference. I love how easy this one is to fill – you just take the top to the sink, fill it up, and then put it back on the base. It also has a sleep mode that automatically turns itself off when it hits the right humidity in the room and a super-strong setting if it’s really dry. These work so much better then the smaller, cheaper ones I used to have, and I think these are a great investment if you live in a dry environment or are running your heater constantly.

I got a ton of cookbooks this year (like every year), but Dessert Person is hands down my favorite. I’ve already made a bunch of recipes from the book, and they’ve all been so good! After BA’s downfall, it’s been so great to have Claire Saffitz in my life again, in the form of many pies, cakes, and even bagels. I can’t wait to bake my way through the rest of Dessert Person in 2021.

This Amish Country Popcorn has been a highlight in my 2020 snacking. I love popcorn of all kinds, but the quality of this popcorn is incredible. You can really tell the difference. Plus, they have a ton of different shapes and sizes, and it’s been super fun to explore their variety packs and find our favorites. I know this is kind of random but we all need to find those little joys, especially in 2020.

If we’re friends, you’ve already heard me rave about this waffle maker. The Cuisinart WAF-F20 Double Belgian Maker Waffle Iron is the best waffle iron. It has been so fun making different kinds of waffles, waffle cookies, and even waffle latkes. We love that we can make two waffles at the same time so we can eat fresh waffles together and how quick it heats up and cooks the waffles. I know a few people who have already gotten one, and they love it too!

I found my perfect storage solution – Allies Glines bag collections. I love how easy it is to organize everything with the different bag sizes, and the clear tops makes it so easy to find whatever I’m looking for. Plus, there tons of room for extras in the back and top for things like my nail tools or bottles I want to have standing up. I love being able to organize everything into categories (like holo polishes, base/top coats, and cremes or makeup, skincare, and haircare). It’s hard to see, but they also have a handle on the bag which makes them super convenient to move around.

My current set of bags!
My nail polish collection fits so well in the full bag collection!
And the pink boxes hold my makeup and skincare backups!

I also upgraded my tech this year – my partner got me a new gaming keyboard (the Logitech G915 TLK) for Hannukah, and I love using it. Not only it is an amazing wireless keyboard, it also has a ton of options for changing the colors of the keys, which is super fun. And I also upgraded to the Switch Pro Controller. I played so much Breath of the Wild this year (among other games) and upgrading to the pro controller was so worth it for my hands. It’s so much more comfortable to use and has way less lag than the joy cons.

That wraps up my 2020 favorites, and now 2020 is finally over – HAPPY 2021! What do you want to see next? Let me know in the comments!

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