Back again with another 5 empties (a fully finished product)! I have a bunch of empties this month, but am still keeping these posts to 5 products to keep them short, so you’ll likely be seeing them a little more often than usual for a bit. That said, I’m super excited to take a good look at what I thought of the products I’ve finished and whether or not I’d buy them again.

Laneige Cica Sleeping Mask  – I’ve talked about this in 3 favorites posts now because I love it so much. My last jar lasted me from before January 2020 until now, so for me, it’s 100% worth the $34 price for the jar (especially if I can get it on sale). I only use this mask twice a week when I use my AHA toner, and it really helps with any potential irritation that comes with using an exfoliator. It also makes a huge difference in taming the redness in my skin that I really don’t have any anymore. I already had a replacement because this is one of the only products I know I can’t be without, but I will absolutely get another jar in 2022 when I finally run out again.

Cover FX Dewy Finish Setting Spray – I mentioned this in my 2020 and 2019 favorites and, like the Cica mask, I already had a backup because I love it so much. This is my HG setting spray that I’ve been using for years, and something really incredible would have to come out for me to switch. It’s alcohol-free, it really does add dewiness which I can never get enough with, and it’s so much less drying than other setting sprays I’ve tried. And yes, I do already have a backup for my backup that I’m using now.

CosRX AHA/BHA Clarifying Treatment Toner – Unlike those first two, I will not be replacing this. For me, it just didn’t do anything, and even though it’s “only” $19, I really want every step in my skincare routine to be an effective one. It’s supposed to be a very gentle exfoliating toner/prep your skin for other chemical exfoliators, but I really didn’t notice a difference after using it for over a year. I don’t think this is a worthwhile step in my skincare routine, and so not only did I not replace it, I didn’t get anything else to sub in for this step.

Dr. Jart+ Tiger Grass Cream – I love this product for when I’m having any skin issues, especially when I’m testing something new and have a reaction. This always helps calm my skin down quickly, and it’s so nourishing. I also have really loved using it for my super dry winter skin. When we used to be able to travel, I loved having some of this with me because it’s perfect for after a flight or long car trip to help with dehydrated skin. That said, as much as I love it, I am testing a few heavy-duty creams right now, so I won’t picking up another bottle unless it beats out the ones I’m trying. I will report back in a future post!

Living Proof Restore Smooth Blowout Concentrate – I really enjoyed using this, and it does exactly what it promised – gives really smooth, shiny hair when you blow dry it. I personally like the Bumble and bumble Bb.Repair Blow Dry better for that purpose, and I’m currently working through a bunch of hair styling treatments, so I won’t be repurchasing this.

I’m loving reviewing my empties, and it’s great to see that I actually am using the things I love and getting through things I don’t. There will likely be another empties post next week too because I already have a bunch to review – let me know if you’d rather see more things in between!

5 thoughts on “2021 EMPTIES (WILL I REPURCHASE?) – PART 3

  1. As for lightly exfoliating toners as an alternative to that cosRX one, I’ve been loving Some by Mi’s miracle toner. It’s affordable too and tackles so many issues at the same time – keeps my adult acne at bay, brightening, hydrating. I’ve bought so many bottles of the stuff!

    Re for that Dr Jart cream, did you try that Ceramidin one in the yellow tube? Is it similar or different to the green one?

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    1. Thanks for the recommendation – I’ll definitely check that on out!
      Re the Dr. Jart cream, I actually have been using the yellow one every morning for years! It’s definitely lighter than the green one, and I’ve found it makes a huge difference in preventing water loss throughout the day (I’m in a really dry city) vs when I skip it. I honestly can’t count how many tubes I’ve gone through of it, and it’s more of a mainstay in my routine whereas the green one is more of a treatment step for me.

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