Fitness Faves: What I’ve Been Loving That’s Not Beauty

I wanted to take a quick break from beauty to talk about some of things I’ve been loving in the fitness and lifestyle realm. My other main hobby than beauty is fitness, so I like to share some of that here once in awhile. I’m hoping to do a bit more once we’re back in the gym but please let me know in the comments what you’d like to see!

We’ve been doing the Team Plans Full Body Fit Guides given that we still don’t feel comfortable being back in the gym yet. We’ve gone to the gym in our apartment building a couple of times (as you’ll see in some of these photos) because they only allow one household at a time, with masks on, but we try to workout in our living room as much as possible. The plan is 3 HIIT style workouts a week using 15 pound and 5 pound dumbbells and optional bands (which I also have from the Team Plans and one from Buffbunny). I truly believe that I get almost as good as gym results at home for less than 2 hours a week with these workouts. I used to be in the gym constantly, and it’s amazing to me how effective such short workouts can be. The guides are also super affordable relative to workout programs I’ve been on before (and you can do the free videos on YouTube instead). They are also just really fun, and I am so thankful for these workouts for helping me continue to be an athlete over the last year.

Wearing the Buffbunny Jade Mesh Bra and Limitless Leggings in Citrus Lilac

I’ve never been able to handle pre-workout before, but the Buff Chick Supplements Buff Pump is amazing. It’s caffeine free, which is great for me since we workout in the evenings. It’s made such a huge difference in my workouts to help me have enough energy to get through them and give them my all. It also has helped me with motivation to do them, because I will take the pre-workout and then feel like I need to workout after to “not waste it.” Then, I’ll usually have enough energy to add on a yoga session or one of Abby’s mobility flows, which I’ve really gotten a lot out of. Unlike other pre-workouts, this doesn’t make me feel weird, jittery, or shaky. My favorite flavor is the Watermelon Pump, but the Sour Lemon and Cherry Limeade are also really good, and I’m already on my second container of the Sour Lemon. I can’t wait to see what Buff Chick comes out with next!

Wearing the Buffbunny Canceled Sports Bra in Shaded

Anyone who knows me has heard about my Buffbunny obsession. I have a ton of leggings, shorts, sports bras, tanks, crops, and even a jacket. I love every single thing I’ve gotten and have found the quality to be just as good or even better than Lululemon for much more reasonable prices. Pieces I’ve worn and washed over and over again still look brand new, and I find myself reaching for them over all my others for my workouts or just to wear during the day. My favorites are the Limitless Leggings, Rosa Pocket Leggings, Limitless Flow Tops, Jade Mesh Bra, Arnold Bomber Jacket, Canceled Sports Bra, Material Girl Ribbed Biker Short, and Spin Tank. I picked up a few things yesterday for their Marble and Ecoline launches – let me know if you’d like to read specific reviews about any of the pieces!

Wearing the Buffbunny Aurora Crop and Limitless Leggings in Citrus Blue

I never thought I’d get so excited about a “protein snack”, but the Quest Nutrition Tortilla Style Protein Chips have proven me wrong. They are almost the same as Doritos, but with almost 20g of protein for the same number of calories for a serving. I’ve been snacking a lot more these days since we’re still mostly just home all day, every day. These have been a great way for me to eat chips and get my protein in too. I was really surprised at the texture and taste of these, for both the Nacho Cheese and Ranch flavors. If I had to choose one, I’d definitely choose ranch.

This is going to sound silly, but as I’ve written about before, I really struggle to drink enough water. I’ve purchased so many different water bottles and tumblers to help me drink more water. My amazing friend Alice suggested I get the Tronco 20oz Glass Tumbler – it holds a lot more water than any of the glasses we have, the protective sleeve helps keep water cold and comes in so many colors, and it comes with a lid and straw. I have really loved it and use it every day as my main drinking glass, I’ve starting drinking more than triple the water because I love it so much. It’s also so much easier to clean than a traditional water bottle, especially because it’s dishwasher safe. For less than $20, this has been one of my best investments of 2020.

What have you been loving lately? Is there anything you’d like me to review? Let me know in the comments!

3 thoughts on “Fitness Faves: What I’ve Been Loving That’s Not Beauty

  1. Wow you’re one buff bunny too!! 😹 Those workout clothes look really cool actually.

    I can see you have worked really hard to get into shape. Me, I’m just interested in toning (no particular fitness goals) so I’m always in awe of women who work hard on themselves and their physique 💪

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