Back again with another 5 empties (fully finished products)! I have a bunch of empties this month, but, as usual, I am keeping these posts to 5 products to keep them short. As always, I’m super excited to take a good look at what I thought of the products I’ve finished and whether or not I’d buy them again. And, of course, thank you so much for being here, and it would mean so much to me if you subscribe here or on Instagram @liftbakelove for new posts.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Eye Primer – I really liked this eyeshadow primer for a long time, but for some reason, it just totally stopped working for me. I felt like eyeshadow lasted less well when I was using it, and the color started to feel off too. I switched back to using my Mac Paint Pots, and I’m so much happier with them. I won’t be repurchasing this and am glad I already had a better option in my collection.

Josie Maran Skin Dope Argan Oil + 100 mg CBD (repeat empty) – I’ve written about this oil in almost every empties post that included a facial oil I finished because it is my true HG and the one I always miss when I’m not using it. Most facial oils I’ve tried have been equally moisturizing and glow-giving, and they all provide an occlusive layer as my last step in my skincare routine. The thing I love most about the Josie Maran oil is that it sinks in so quickly so I don’t end up with a oil slick on my face when I’m getting into bed. I can also see a big difference in my skin’s brightness and firmness when I use this vs when I don’t. That said, I have a few oils I’m working through right now, so I haven’t repurchased this yet.

Glossier Future Dew (repeat empty) – This continues to be one of my favorite products, and I already had another back-up to start using once this ran out. It’s one of the only things I consistently use every day in my makeup routine. It continues to be the most amazing glossy, hydrating base that makes me look like I drank enough water (and if you know me, you know I have never had enough water). It works beautifully with any foundation, concealer, and powder combo I put on top of it and makes them look way better on my skin – no dry patches, no clinging, no flatness. I got another back-up during Glossier’s 20% off sale recently because I know I’ll continue to go through Future Dew and want another one.

NBM Cuticle Buddy – My nails have never been healthier or stronger since I starting using these (someone actually thought my nails were fake at the gym because they looked so nice!). I don’t freak out about nail breaks anymore because they grow back so fast now that I’m using this. They also all smell amazing! This was the Sweet Orange and Tangerine scent, and it’s still one of my favorites. I will definitely get more once I get through some of my many, many cuticle buddies. As always, you can use my affiliate code with Shop NBM to get 10% off sitewide: LIFT10.

Clarins SOS Primer – I know it’s a lot, but I used this on top of the Glossier Future Dew as an extra primer step. I have super dry skin, so I appreciated the extra moisture and the color correction this provides. It makes it so I can use just a touch of concealer vs covering my face with foundation and makes my skin look really even and healthy. I actually already had a backup that a family member had gifted to me that I’m enjoying using, but I am planning on switching to the green version after I finish that one since that really helps bring my skin closer to the tone of my neck.

I’d love to know – what have you finished lately? Like I mentioned, I have a ton more empties that I will be posting about, and I’ll be sharing empties posts every other Friday all year. Let me know if there’s anything else you’d like to see here on LiftBakeLove, and thanks for reading! As always, some links may be affiliate links that support the blog, but all reviews/opinions are completely my own and unsponsored.

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