BK BEAUTY BRUSHES REVIEW: Core Line Extension (109, 110, 111, 112, 113, 209, 210, 211, 212)

As part of getting to know my collection (I’m doing an un-announced 2023 no buy!), I want to spend more time reviewing all the products I have. Next up is all the newer brushes I own from BK Beauty (affiliate link) that I got over the holidays.  I wanted to thoroughly test these products to provide a more detailed review of them which is why I waited to long, but I’ve gotten a ton of use out of them so if you have any questions I haven’t addressed, please ask in the comments! As always, thank you so much for being here, and it would mean so much to me if you subscribe here or on Instagram @liftbakelove for new posts! All links are affiliate links, but all opinions are my own, and I bought these myself.

109 Mini Contoured Foundation – This is a mini version of one of my favorite BK Brushes, the 101 Contoured Foundation brush. Like its larger counterpart, this brush is the perfect shape for so many things – concealer, bronzer, blush, highlighter, etc. Because of the angle and the shape, I can be precise with it but still blend super quickly. This is one of my favorite brushes for cream bronzer and blush in particular, and I love using the top edge for cream highlighter. The density is perfect and doesn’t “eat up” too much product. I still love the regular sized 101 brush, but this is a great counterpart for when I want something more precise of the same shape.

110 Large Concealer – This is far and away my favorite brush from the core line extension. I’m honestly considering buying an extra one day so I can keep one in rotation while the other one is drying after I clean it or so I can use one for cream products and one for powder. My favorite way to use this brush (since I only have one) is to set under my eyes and any spot concealing with powder. It really does function like the perfect mix between a brush and a sponge, and it makes any powder look better than it would’ve. It’s the perfect shape specifically for the undereye area, and it just feels really nice to use. If you only got one of these brushes, I’d pick this one (although some of the others are a very close second).

111 Dense Bronzer – This is such a perfect bronzer brush when you want something a bit smaller than some of the bigger BK brushes, like the 102, but that is still big enough to quickly apply bronzer everywhere on your face. Its tapered shape is so helpful for getting both precise application and seamless blending that looks natural. I love that this size helps me not go overboard (which I definitely can do with bronzer) while still actually imparting color. This brush also is a great blush and powder blush if you want something that covers a bit more surface area than something like the 112 (which I’ll cover next).

112 Small Angled Face Brush – While I have no regrets getting the whole extension set, this is my least used brush of the 9. Like all these brushes, it’s soft, high quality, and very effective at what it does. I just tend to use other brushes more than this one because this brush lends itself really well to a precise contour application, which is a step I frequently skip. It’s also great for powder highlighter whereas I tend to use cream highlighters more often. It also can be used for powdering under the eyes or around the nose in a pinch, but I like the 110 and 113 better for that. If you’ve been looking for a small angled brush though, this one is great for what it is.

113 Small Flat Powder Brush – Similar to the 110, this is such a great brush for pressing in powder. It’s the perfect size for precise powder placement, and the flat side really presses in powder products so well. The top and other side of the brush work really well for powder blush and highlighter, which makes it a little more versatile than the 110. I think it’s a bit too small for bronzer, but it does work really well for precise contour placement. I still have used the 110 more often, but I do love how I can use the 113 for a variety of blending in powders on my whole face.

209 Mini Shader Brush – I love how small yet effective this brush is. It’s the perfect size to get a precise placement in the outer or inner corner of the eye. Its dense, firm bristles are perfect for packing on color and laying down eyeshadow so you get the impact you want. It’s also perfect for lining the bottom lash line or even the top lash line because the top is tapered. Between the 209 and 210, I find this one more versatile even though I love them both.

210 Mini Pencil Brush – This does everything the 209 brush can do but even more precise since it’s even smaller. I find that because it covers less surface area, I don’t use it as much, but it’s still a super effective eye shadow brush. It’s a bit flat on one side, which makes it more versatile than other pencil brushes I have since I can use it for super precise placement of pigment as well as for smudging shadow.

211 Detail Blender Brush – This is a really great crease brush. It’s dense enough to lay down color but fluffy enough to blend out that color seamlessly. It’s a great size for precise crease blending for my eye shape because I can avoid getting shadow everywhere and really keep it where I want it. Although the 212 is more effective for me for one and done looks, this brush can do that as well, especially if I want a really subtle wash of color.

212 Medium Blender – I have been loving this brush for one and done shadow looks. The description says “the 212 brush is designed for a one size fits all to use as the first brush to lay your transition shade into the crease, and its rounded tip allows for a soft, airbrushed blending.” It does exactly this and does such a good job at it. I love how fast it makes doing a one shadow look that still looks like I put in effort. This is the eye brush I’ve gotten the most use out of in this extension, but I do love them all.

What other products would you like me to review? Let me know if there’s anything else you’d like to see here on LiftBakeLove, and thanks for reading! As always, some links may be affiliate links that support the blog, but all reviews/opinions are completely my own and unsponsored.

2 thoughts on “BK BEAUTY BRUSHES REVIEW: Core Line Extension (109, 110, 111, 112, 113, 209, 210, 211, 212)

    1. I’m so excited that you are doing a 2023 no buy and would love to hear all about it! I’m doing a replacements only no buy for makeup, skincare, hair care, and body care this year so I’m not buying anything in those categories until I literally run out of that kind of item (e.g., I can’t get any concealer until I have none left of any kind of concealer). So far it’s been incredibly successful, and I haven’t broken it even once!


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