2020 body care favorites

This was a big year for body care and self care because…2020. My skin has been super dry (as per usual), and I also wanted to really step up my bathroom/shower experience. I did a ton of research and tried so many things – body washes, soaps, lotions, oils – I tried it all. Here were the things I loved this year:

Soaps and shower steamers from The Oakley Soap Co. – This is the best bar soap I’ve ever tried. The scents and colors are so fun and the soap is very high quality – I don’t think I can ever go back to another bar or liquid soap. The shower steamers are so amazing for a relaxing (or energizing, depending on what scent you use) experience just by dropping one on the bottom of your shower. This was the 2020 purchase I didn’t know I needed!

 Nécessaire The Body Wash – I tried a ton of body washes this year and my favorite is still this one. I love the eucalyptus for when I need a mood boost andthe sandalwood is great for creating a sense of calm before I head to bed. I love the packaging and the formula is perfect for my dry skin even in the winter (I posted this as one of my July favorites, and it was great for the summer too).

Josie Maran Whipped Argan Oil Body Butter – I got a small sample of this awhile ago and fell in love with it right away. It is incredibly moisturizing while still being fast absorbing and super lightweight. I love all the scents, but I think the cranberry may be my favorite. This also mixes with any body oils super easily when I need that extra boost.

Aesop Rind Concentrate Body Balm – I got this on sale for $82, which is still incredibly expensive for what I basically use as a hand lotion or “special treat” lotion. This is the most amazing smelling product I own, hands down. And while it is expensive, you do get almost 17 oz which I have found is lasting forever even if I use it all over. I can’t decide if I love this or the body butter from Josie Maran better, but I like having both because if you mix this into the unscented body butter, you get the most effective best smelling lotion of all time.

Glossier Body Hero Dry-Touch Oil Mist – I’m not a huge fan of the packaging (who wants to spray oil everywhere and try to handle a glass bottle with oily hands?), but the oil in here is the most moisturizing body oil I’ve tried. It also smells great and absorbs incredibly fast so moisturizing my whole body with this is super fast. I find I actually use this more often because it’s so quick so I’ve had way less dry areas since I got it.

Kenzzi IPL Laser Hair Removal Handset – I used to be a person that had hair grow back on my legs literally 4 hours after I shaved, and now I can go about a week or more! I’m so glad I spent some of my extra stuck at home time lasering because when we can travel again, I can go on a beach trip for a week and not even have to bring a razor. This was way less expensive than going to a professional, and it was really nice to be able to do it at home while listening to podcasts. And it works so well! (Side note – no one needs to shave their legs (or anything else) if they don’t want to!)

Up next, I’ll be posting about my lifestyle favorites and then that’s a wrap on my 2020 favorites series. As always, let me know what you want to see in 2021 next!

July Beauty Favorites

The theme of this month is “I’m tired and don’t want to do anything, but still want to look awake at work.” It’s full of super quick and easy to use products or tools that make my other products easier to slap on. And first up, a product that creates a self-care moment every time a shower – so needed right now.

My favorite recent find has to be the Nécessaire The Body Wash. I love the eucalyptus for when I need a mood boost (like a morning shower or a “it’s too hot to function, and I need to cool down” shower), and sandalwood is great for creating a sense of calm before I head to bed. I love the packaging, and the formula perfect for my dry skin – clean, but not stripping, and my skin feels moisturized without even needing lotion. I very much understand all the hype and think it is well deserved!

My go to combination for my face has been the Glossier Skin Tint and By Terry CC Serum. I really just need something quick and easy to slap on that will make me look alive on video calls, and this is the perfect combo for that. They mix together so well and add just enough coverage to even out my skin and add some warmth. I’ve also worn the By Terry serum alone, mixed with moisturizer, and mixed with primer, and it adds the perfect glow and slight amount of color any way I use it. I’ve also used it as a liquid bronzer, and it works great for that too. I’ve definitely fallen in love with both of these products this summer!

I’ve gushed about Salt New York’s cream products before, but I’m so excited about my new blushes and their new mini palette. It’s so fun to play with these to create whatever color I want. I also have their rose blush in another palette, and I love using these brighter colors to make that shade warmer, cooler, or more vibrant. If anyone is interested, I do have a reward link you can use to get $5 off, but am 100% not affiliated with or sponsored by Salt New York (although, I totally would if they asked because this is one of my all time favorite brands).

From left to right: blackberry, raspberry, coral, peach

Anyone knows me knows I’m obsessed with Sonia G brushes, and when she restocked a couple of the ones I was missing, I had to get them. The Worker Two and Worker Three are the perfect brushes for blending out cream shadows and creating one-shadow looks, which is about all I have the energy for at the moment. I honestly didn’t realize how much I would love these until I got them, but I’m so glad I picked them up.

Allana Davison said that the Smith 157 was the perfect brush for blending out cream bronzer (which is pretty much I’m all using these days), and she was so right. This is also the perfect size and shape for blending out contour and highlighter. I am very tempted to get a second, but I think everyone else fell in love with it too because it’s sold out everywhere at the moment.

Along with all the other products this month that are for “need something quick to make me look alive”, the Em Cosmetics Lip Cushion in Magic Hour is so easy to swipe on and completely brightens up my face. It’s also super moisturizing and hands down the best tinted lip balm I’ve ever tried. I love keeping it on my desk to have it handy at all times, and if we had anywhere to go, this would 100% be my purse lip product.

What have you been loving this month? What do you want to see more of here on LiftBakeLove? Let me know down below!

Did Self Care Sundays make up happier?

For the past month, I’ve been trying “Self Care Sundays,” which is essentially just taking a few hours for yourself to do whatever self care activities you want on Sunday nights. My goal has been to stay off my computer and phone and do the things that I feel like I don’t have time for during the week.

My list of activities has included:
– reading
– meditating
Yoga with Adriene
– filling out my bullet journal
– a full body scrub followed with body oil and lotion
– hair masks
– face masks
– foam rolling and stretching

My bullet journal that I spent coloring this past Sunday.

I’ve finished two books already in 2020, emptied out a body scrub and a hair mask, and made a real dent in my sheet mask and body lotion pile. Beyond providing an easy way for me to actually get through what I own, I have loved the dedicated time away from screens. It’s really helped with the “Sunday scaries” and has made me look forward to Sunday night rather than being full of anxiety.

Did self care Sundays make me happier? Absolutely! This was one of the best things I’ve tried so far in 2020. I highly recommend creating time and space for yourself on Sunday night for whatever self care means to you.