The Products from my 2020 Makeup Favorites I Still Use and Love

As part of my no-buy year, I’m trying to really get to know and love my collection, and thought I’d look back at my 2020 Makeup Favorites and see which products are still mainstays in my collection. I was surprised at how many weren’t favorites anymore, and it really made me realize both that I need to stop buying backups because new and better formulas are coming out all that time and that these products are truly favorites of mine. As always, thank you so much for being here, and it would mean so much to me if you subscribe here or on Instagram @liftbakelove for new posts!

Glossier Future Dew – This continues to be one of my favorite products, and is one of the only things I consistently use every day in my makeup routine. It provides such an amazing glossy, hydrating base that makes me look like I drank enough water (and if you know me, you know I have never had enough water). It works beautifully with any foundation, concealer, and powder combo I put on top of it and makes them look way better on my skin – no dry patches, no clinging, no flatness. This was listed in both my 2020 and 2021 Makeup Favorites, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s my favorite primer again in 2022.

Salt New York bronzer in Light/Medium, highlighter in Beige, blushes in Rose, Cocoa, and Plum

Salt New York Crème Tint Pro Bronzer, Blush, and Highlighter – I’ve written about my love for Salt New York’s products so many times, and it’s because it continues to be one of my favorite cream formulas that I go back to over and over again. All the Crème Tint Pros I have (and I have 21) blend out incredibly easily and seamlessly, are super lightweight, and look so at home on my skin. This is my favorite formula for when I need a “I’m running late and need something easy” look – they blend out so quickly with a brush, sponge, or fingers and never look patchy. My most used shades over the years has been the bronzer in Light/Medium, highlighter in Beige, and blush in Rose, and I’ve really been loving Cocoa and Plum recently.

Thrive Causemetics Lip Liner in Kackie and Em Cosmetics Lip Cushion in Magic Hour and Venetian Rose

Em Cosmetics Lip Cushion in Magic Hour – This is still one of the products I use all the time, and I’m honestly surprised I haven’t panned it yet. It’s so easy to swipe on, is incredibly moisturizing, and has enough thickness to not disappear right away. The color completely brightens up my face, and I frequently keep it on my desk to reapply before video calls. I have since gotten Venetian Rose as well as a gift, which is a beautiful “vintage rose” shade that works so well with the brown tones I tend to gravitate towards.

Thrive Causemetics Lip Filler Long-Wearing + Plumping Lip Liner in Kackie – I still love this lip liner, and it’s one I reach for all the time. I don’t know how Kackie did it, but this is the most perfect neutral brown shade for me. I can put any gloss or lipstick over top of it, and it looks great. The formula also manages to be creamy, not drying, and have great staying power. It’s the lip liner I use when I don’t want to worry about my lip look coming together, especially in the morning before I’ve had coffee and just want something I know will work. Thank you again to Kackie for this perfect collab shade.

Thrive Causemetics Liquid Lash Extensions Mascara – Not only do I still use and love this mascara, it’s still the only one I use. This is hands down the best mascara I’ve ever used and continues to be what I go back to even after trying others. It makes my lashes look amazing, doesn’t smudge, and actually holds a curl. The best part is that it washes off so easily and quickly, and I never have to worry about accidentally pulling out my lashes when I’m washing my face. More tubing formulas are coming on to the market, so I’m curious to see if something comes around that unseats this for me eventually, but the joy of a no-buy is that I get to keep using and loving what I already have.

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