Glossier Lidstar Eyeshadow, Haloscope Highlighter, and Generation G Lipstick Review

During the 2021 holidays, I was gifted a Glossier set that comes with a Lidstar eyeshadow, Generation G lipstick, Haloscope highlighter, and Stretch concealer. I have never tried any of these products other than the Stretch concealer (which I love and have posted about many times), so I wanted to take this opportunity to review these staple Glossier products. Before I get into it, I love so many products Glossier makes and a few are even HGs of mine I’ve repurchased over and over again, so the fact that (spoilers) all of these ended up not being perfect for me is not a comment on the brand’s products in general. And as usual, my goal is to provide you with information to make the best purchasing decisions for yourself and the reasons why I might not like something might be why you’d love it! As always, thank you so much for being here, and it would mean so much to me if you subscribe here or on Instagram @liftbakelove for new posts!

Lidstar eyeshadow in Bun, Haloscope in Quartz, and Generation G in Leo

Glossier Lidstar in Bun – I really love how easy this formula is to use and how perfect the color is for a work appropriate one and done eye look. Bun is described as a soft champagne with a gold shimmer, and it’s a great shade of champagne because it isn’t too warm or cool. I can apply and blend the eyeshadow on both eyes in about 20 seconds and haven’t needed to use a brush any time I’ve used this. And initially, I’m always really happy with how it looks. Then, within about a half hour, the shimmer looks a bit faded, and it starts to look patchy. It’s a very different wear experience than other liquid eyeshadows I have like the Lisa Eldridge Liquid Lurex, which stays sparkly and full impact all day. The Lidstar seems to break up on my eyelids very quickly, and I find myself applying other shadows over top to make it look the way I want. I’ve tried it with and without eye primer and glitter glue and nothing seems to help. As a base for other shadows, it works pretty well, but I have so many other eyeshadows that I’d rather use for that.

Haloscope in Quartz and Generation G in Leo

Glossier Haloscope highlighter in Quartz – I love the effect this gives when I take the time to apply it just right. It provides a natural looking subtle glow that is glitter free and looks like I just have healthy skin. But because it has a champagne colored section and a clear section, if I apply it directly to my skin, I end up with a darker streak on my cheekbones and a patch where my blush has picked up under that. Instead, I’ve found it’s really important to either swirl it on the back of my hand first and then pick up with a brush or use a brush to pick it up from the stick before I applying it. I can get away with swirling my fingers in it and then tapping onto my skin but that can also lead to picking up product underneath because it’s a bit sticky. I hardly reach for this because I have so many easy to use cream and liquid highlighters that don’t require really any thought or attention.

Glossier Generation G in Leo – Like the other two products, I love the shade of this product. Leo is a perfect neutral brown that is so easy for me to wear and never looks like “too much.” I’m not surprised that it’s as drying as it is because it’s a matte product, but I find that it’s more drying than the other matte lipsticks I have. I can get away with using the Generation G if I really prep my lips with a lip mask while I’m doing the rest of my makeup or topping it with a gloss. I do appreciate that it’s sheerer than my other lipsticks, which makes it super easy to throw on. It also lasts much longer a lip gloss or balm, so it’s great if I need something to last under a mask. That said, I’d much rather use the Glossier Ultralips for a similar effect of the Generation G with a gloss added on top without needing two products. That way, I get the benefits of all the hydration that comes with the Ultralip formula which I’d rather have even if I need to reapply, since I am very rarely these days going somewhere I really need the lasting power of a lip product.

What products in your collection do you like but don’t use often for one reason or another? Let me know in the comments below!  Let me know if there’s anything else you’d like to see here on LiftBakeLove, and thanks for reading! As always, some links may be affiliate links that support the blog, but all reviews/opinions are completely my own and unsponsored.

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