Juggernaut AI Program and App Review after 120 Days

The Juggernaut AI Powerlifting app is described as having the best powerlifting coach in the world with you during every training session, helping you reach your true potential. It’s a subscription based powerlifting app that is 100% personalized to you based on your goals, how often you want to work out, when your meet (or mock meet) is scheduled, and your personal weak points. I wanted to give my review now that I’ve been running this program for over 4 months, and now that I’ve gotten a chance to test it with an actual meet. This review is not sponsored, and I am not sponsored by Juggernaut. I do have an affiliate code with them that I got after I’d already reviewed it here a couple times, and like all my reviews, everything written is my completely unbiased opinion, and I would definitely be talking about this program without being an affiliate. If you do want to support me and save 10% every month on the program (or anything else from Juggernaut’s site), you can use code LIFTBAKELOVE.

I’m so incredibly happy with the progress I made on this program! Last year, I basically started over once gyms opened up again and so got some incredible newbie gains (almost 300 lbs on my total), and I was confident that was the end of that period for me. Since my lifts were already pretty great (a 270lb deadlift is almost 2x my bodyweight as it is), I thought I’d maybe add 15lbs to each lift after 4 months if I really put my all into it. I ended up adding 17lbs to my bench, my squat went up 29lbs and my deadlift went up 66 pounds! This program focuses on specificity for the squat, bench, and deadlift based on your personal weak points, and I know that made a huge difference for me in getting my numbers up.

Day 1 (in lbs)Day 120 (in lbs)

The 120 days numbers are from my competition on April 30th, which was the USA Powerlifting 2022 Ladies of Iron Washington Competition. I placed 4th, which I was incredibly excited about given it was only my second meet and there were some amazing competitors there. As usual, my weight class was one of the most competitive with the most people, so I’m so proud of coming in 4th. I also cut weight for this competition to the 67.5kg class, which I know reduced my numbers a bit, so I’m beyond excited I still managed a 111lb meet PR under the circumstances. I also needed to take a few days off here and there, so I ended up doing 57 sessions in those 4 months. I can’t believe I added over a hundred pounds to both my squat and deadlift in that time, and almost doubled my total. I was able to add almost 6 pounds to my total every single workout session. I know I can credit the Stronger by the Day program for that success, and I couldn’t have hoped for anything better given the amount of time I spent training.

My 336lb deadlift!

Things I absolutely love about this program:

  • Everything is customized to me – all the programming was based on when my meet was so I could perform my best that day, the warm-ups and all the lifts are chosen specifically based on my weak points and what I need to work on, and everything is adjusted based on how I’m feeling before and during the work out. It also adjusts over time based on how well you recover between workouts.
  • I can choose the number of days I want to work out, and it adjusts the workouts for that amount of days. 4 days a week works really well for me, but I have a friend who can only do 3 days a week, and we can both do the program.
  • I get to pick my own accessories! On other programs, I’ve honestly skipped accessories sometimes because the machine wasn’t available or I just really couldn’t motivate myself to do that movement. On this program, I get to choose the accessory lifts from a recommend list so I never have to do Bulgarian Split Squats if I don’t want to.
  • It automatically calculates new 1RM maxes about once a month, and then adjusts all the weights it has you lifting after that point, so you always keep progressing exactly as much as you should be. I love that I don’t have to do any math and that it keeps me pushing with the max tests so often.
  • As mentioned earlier, the app adjusts based on how you’re feeling before a workout and after every single set. When I wasn’t having a great day, it lowered the weight and volume so I didn’t hurt myself but could keep making progress. And when I was having a great day, the app gave me a workout that I could really push myself with. Most of the accessories are RPE or RIR (reps in reserve) based so all I need to focus on is how the weight feels and how many I can do. Sometimes that meant I went down in weight from the week before or down in reps, but as long as I was hitting the right RPE or RIR, I still got to feel awesome about the workout.
  • It has video explanations of every lift and lots of information about it in case it’s a new accessory or new variation of the main 3 lifts. There’s also tons of info about your program, the timing, and anything else you can think of. Plus, you can chat with the team right from the app if you have any questions.
  • The warmups don’t suck! I almost always skipped the warm ups on other programs, but I did this one pretty often. I appreciated that it was kind of fun and pretty short. It also changes the warm ups based on what you’re working on and what your weak points are, so it felt more worth it to me.
My USAPL Ladies of Iron Medal paired with a KB Shimmer Reflective Polish (LE – no longer available)

Things to keep in mind before investing in JTS AI:

  • Even with an affiliate code like mine that saves you 10%, the program is still over $30/a month, which is much more than something like Stronger by The Day. As someone prepping for competition and wanting to really get the most out of my training for squat, bench, and deadlift, the extra $20/month is so worth it to me. But if you’re not training for competition and just want to have a program that helps you get stronger in a powerlifting-style, something more generalized might work great for you!
  • The workouts can be long and hard – you really have to be in it and want to do the work. Sometimes we’d be in the gym for at least an hour and a half or more and super exhausted. Like the price, this is worth it to me. I love powerlifting, and the grind is just part of the process of being an athlete for me. If you’re not up for that or don’t need to be doing something as intense, I would go with another program.
  • Because it’s so focused on powerlifting (on purpose), my physique isn’t exactly where I’d want it to be. Depending on when my next meet ends up being, I might do their Powerbuilding program for a bit so I can get a little more balance into my routine before diving back into another meet prep.

Is there any fitness gear or program you want me to test? Let me know in the comments below, and thanks as always for reading!

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